About The Company

Tiyul – Jewish Journeys

Explore. Discover. Learn.

A journey with Tiyul is more than just a vacation. It is the opportunity to visit not only the “traditional” sites and learn about the history, people and culture of a destination, but also to explore each country’s Jewish past and present within that larger context. We meet with members of Jewish communities, hear people’s stories and learn of the challenges they face. We visit synagogues, Jewish schools and institutions in remote corners of the world and we celebrate Shabbat at Friday night dinners. On occasion we enjoy the opportunity to make a positive difference by helping both Jews and non-Jews in need.

Who we are

Tiyul Jewish Journeys specializes in crafting educational tours and travel experiences throughout the world.

What We Do

In more than ten years we have designed, operated and led trips to destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe, Israel, North, South and Central America and the Caribbean.

About The Founder

Ariel Goldstein

Founder and CEO

Born in Uruguay, Ariel studied Latin American history in Montevideo and at the Israel School of Tourism in Jerusalem.
After six years working as a tour guide in Israel, he moved to the U.S. where he developed and led trips to South America for adult students at the Spanish in Marin language school in Marin County, California.
In 2006 and 2009 he led trips to Tunisia and the Persian Gulf for educational tour operators High Country Passage and World Leaders Travel.
In 2007 Ariel founded the Travel Program at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, where he directed the program until 2017 leading tours throughout Israel, Europe, Latin America, China, India, Africa and the U.S.
Ariel speaks English, Spanish, Hebrew and Portuguese and has visited more than forty countries around the world.