Tiyul celebrates Guantanamo’s Jewish Community 90th birthday

A Gift from Guantanamo.

An American Jewish woman’s quest to find her father’s grave in Cuba leads to new connections to the Jewish Community of Guantanamo. (13 minutes)

JCCSF Travel Guru Starts Own Jewish Journeys Company

To Ariel Goldstein, there’s a big difference between a Jewish group traveling to a city like Budapest or Buenos Aires or Havana and that same group taking a legitimate “Jewish journey” to such a spot.

KQED Radio Forum with Michael Krasny

Back from a recent trip to Cuba, Michael Krasny hosts a discussion about the changes afoot on the island nation. He is joined by his tour leader Ariel Goldstein other experts, who will talk about the shift in Cuba’s geopolitics and dynamism within its own borders.

JWeekly – 80 Year Old Mystery Solved

When Cuban-born Sylvia Weiner found a trip to Cuba that included a visit to Guantanamo, she knew she had to be on it. What she didn’t know was that, thanks to the help of Ariel Goldstein, the JCCSF’s travel program manager, and the Cuban Jewish community, a piece of her past would be dug up — literally.

Jweekly – Running a Jewish Tour to Uruguay

San Franciscans visit Uruguay for the first time